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7 Beach Fashion Accessories You Shouldn't Leave Home Without This Summer, Gael Ghattas

The spring is almost over and beach season is coming so you don’t want to wait on your summer shopping. Besides sunscreen, there are a lot of items that you wouldn’t want to find yourself leaving the house without as the sun gets brighter and the air gets hotter. With these accessories, you’ll soon find out that the ocean won’t be the only thing making waves this summer. 
Without further ado, here is Gael Ghattas’ list of the 7 beach fashion accessories you shouldn’t leave home without this summer.


1- Panama Hats from Bayrut Express

Panama HatPanama HatPanama Hat

Nothing says summer like being blindsided by the sun, feeling the sand and sea beneath your feet, and the cool winds blowing through the palm trees. The Panama Hats feature a variety of picturesque hand-drawn designs adorning straw hats made from eco-friendly materials sourced from Columbia and Ecuador. Protect your face and eyes from the sun while looking stylish.


2- Polka Dot Print Inflatable Bag from NK by Nour Kays

Polka Dot Print bag

The Polka Dot Print bag from NK’s inflatables collection is a simple yet attractive design. This handbag is designed to carry all of your beach essentials and is a stylish accessory that helps complete your summer look. This bag is made from 100% discarded inflatables, which keeps the plastics from being thrown in the ocean and instead transformed into this gorgeous pouch.


3-Summer Abayas from Mellow

Summer AbayasSummer AbayasSummer Abayas

The pastel summer hues with Arabesque designs complement each other to create the signature Lebanese summer look. The Summer Abayas from Mellow are a seamless mix of tradition and modernity coming together to create a summer outfit that is loose-fitting, stylish, and comfortable.


4- Kye Top+Bottom Set from By The Beach

the Kye Top and Bottom

No summer is complete without a killer bikini set, and By The Beach by Tala is here to deliver. Made from recycled ocean waste, the Kye Top and Bottom bikini sets feature a kaleidoscopic floral design that draws inspiration from traditional East Asian art. The Kye bikini sets are made from 78% recycled Polyamide and 22% Elastane.


5- Pink Yarned Strap from Gael Ghattas

Upgrade your favorite handbag this summer with a strap that feels like a sunrise on the horizon. The Pink Yarned Strap from Gael Ghattas is made from upcycled curtain trimmings, and the design incorporates warm pinks and cool blues. It’s a seamless blend of traditional design with a modern fashion twist.

Boho Summer Strap

Also, don’t forget to stay tuned for our Boho Summer Strap coming this summer season.


6-Seashell Kaftan from Lebanese Designers

Seashell Kaftan

If you’re done swimming and you need a quick fit or you just want to wear a nice comfortable robe to the beach, then the Seashell Kaftan is the perfect companion for the summer. Featuring light blue lenin adorned with colorful seashells, this kaftan is made to be worn for the beach.


7-Tornado Eco Sunglasses from Parafina

Tornado Eco Sunglasses

Made from 100% recycled materials and effortlessly stylish, the Tornado Eco Sunglasses from Parafina are a perfectly polarized finish to your summer outfit. The flame texture of the frame and gold-plated handle is made from bio acetate mixed with aluminum sourced from recycled cans. The polycarbonate lens is polarized with UV 400 protection, making them the perfect sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.



As the winter fades and beach season is approaching, you don’t want to be late on your summer shopping. These beautiful and unique accessories are the perfect accompaniment for when you want to look your best self for the summer.

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