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5 Types of Straps for Everyday Use - Gael Ghattas

Straps are a part of our daily life, whether you have a camera, guitar, watch, phone, or outfit and trying to find a way to make them unique and stylish.

They’re initially meant to serve a functional purpose but we at Gael Ghattas have found a way to combine functional and stylish. After all, we know a lot about straps. It’s our specialty.  So why not take a look at some of our recommendations and start getting a good idea of the perfect straps to add some final touches to your camera, guitar, watch, phone, or outfit?


Camera Strap

The relationship between a photographer/videographer and their camera is extremely important and the last thing you need is a cracked lens.

Our Floral design camera straps feature cool blue hues with a distinct floral pattern that is both stylish and homely. This way your camera isn’t just something you take photos and/or videos with but also an extension of your aesthetic. With a length of 95 cm and a width of 4.5 cm, you can be assured that your camera is perfectly secure while also maintaining a comfortable range offering the flexibility needed for you to take the perfect shot.


Guitar Strap


Every guitarist/bassist knows that you need a good strap to keep your guitar secure especially when you’re standing up to perform at a concert, rehearsal, recording session, or you’re just rocking out in front of your friends. The strap is an essential part of the guitarist’s gear because without it, you’re probably going to have to stay seated for the whole performance, or your guitar or bass might fall on the ground and get irreparably damaged.

A stylish guitar strap is probably what you need to complete your personal aesthetic. Our Joy guitar straps offer the functionality and security of a traditional guitar strap with some very beautiful geometric patterns and warm colors, making sure that your fans have another reason to stare in awe at you, giving you the perfect confidence boost to push your guitar/bass playing to its limits.

We offer the option of customizing your guitar strap by engraving embroidering your name or initials on it, along with the privilege of picking the pattern, fabric, and leather the strap is made of.


Watch Strap

Watch StrapWatch Strap

You have an amazing watch that you love but then the strap breaks loose and now it’s just a really small clock sitting by your desk or stored in the depths of your closet and you have no way to wear it now.

Luckily some businesses like WatchGecko offer Italian vegan leather options that sport a V-Stitch design. The texture of these straps has a premium look and feel, breathing new life into your luxury watch.


Phone Strap


Phone Case Strap

Let’s face it, our phones have become an extension of who we are. Our social life, our entertainment, our access to a world of endless information, and for some of us, a status symbol.

Nothing exemplifies this status symbol aspect of the phone like MRSEY’s vegan leather case and strap combo. They have 4 color variations (black, mint, cognac, and military green) and are available for all iPhones from the X/XS to the latest 14 Pro Max.

Phone Case Strap

Unfortunately, they don’t have any options for Android phones. Samsung users (S10 and above) need not worry, however, as Bing Cases offers a nice vegan leather case and strap combo with a design reminiscent of a designer handbag.


Suspender Strap


Suspender Strap

Suspenders are a very stylish addition to your outfit and an excellent way to hold up your pants/jeans if you want a nice alternative to belts. They are a great way to complete your fit and a good pair of suspenders can give that extra flair to your outfit.

Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing a new line of vegan leather suspenders featuring the unique Gael Ghattas style you’ve come to know and love.


Wrap up

As you can see, straps aren’t just for handbags. There are a variety of items that can benefit from new and stylish straps made from vegan leather and fabric. Whether you have a camera, guitar, watch, or phone, or need some suspenders for your outfit, it’s a good idea to immerse yourself in the world of straps.

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