6 Unique Gift Ideas in Lebanon for Christmas 2022

6 Unique Gift Ideas in Lebanon for Christmas 2022

Christmas time is coming soon and you’re probably thinking of visiting Jbeil and seeing what crazy new Christmas tree they’re going to come up with next or you just want to spend some quality time with the family.

At the same time, you’re likely squeezing your brain trying to figure out what to get your loved ones and secret Santa for Christmas this year.

Well, you can rest assured because we’ve got you covered. This article will not only help you build a unique Christmas shopping list, but also support small Beirut-based businesses in the process.

We’ve made a list of unique Christmas gift ideas for those among you looking to get your loved ones a special gift this holiday season.


1. Stylish Socks from Sikasok

Sikasok offers premium cotton socks with playful designs that reflect Lebanese culture.

These Tarneeb socks, for example, are sure to make you recall playing Tarneeb with your friends or family while snacking on mixed nuts. You can almost hear the excitement as they smack their card on the table and shout “Tarneeb!”

Founded by Ralph Haiby and Maya Rafih in 2017, Sikasok was launched to create socks that reflect the uniqueness of Lebanese culture.

Their goal is to design socks with wild patterns inspired by Lebanese heritage and daily life mixed with vibrant and modern colors. Based in Beirut, Sikasoks proudly offers 100% cotton stocks that are made ethically and locally.


2. Rainbow BoHo Straps from Gael Ghattas

It wouldn’t be a Christmas list without one of our high-quality Gael Ghattas straps made from upcycled fabric, that offer a variety of functions from guitar straps to handbag straps. Our motto is “Keep The Bag, Change The Strap!”

Our products are made from 100% vegan leather and our straps feature unique designs that are perfect for those who like to stand out in a crowd. If you got an old purse or bag that is missing a strap, don’t throw it away, just buy a new strap on our website.

As you may have noticed, our straps sell out very quickly so we urge you to order your favorite straps while you still can.


3. Christmas Memory Book from Pencil Cactus

A 100-page book filled with Christmas fun for the whole family. It’s a hardcover book with detachable stickers, envelopes, and an embossed gold family name on the cover. It’s the perfect Christmas scrapbook!

You know what else? It can be used for two Christmases.


4. Bloom Bag from Gael Ghattas

A stylish vegan leather tote bag is perfect for the holiday season. It features a unique embroidered design with the tagline “you belong among the wildflowers,” so we recommend getting this for the wildflower friend who makes every day feel like Christmas.


5. Sunset Necklace from A Piece of Cairo

Sunsets mean something to most of us. They’re a colorful, warm reminder that the day is over and that it’s time to wind down and relax. Give this sterling silver necklace to someone who brings warmth and joy into your life and makes you forget about how cold the weather is.


6. Customizable Bucket Hats from buckeTS

These bucket hats are stylish, colorful, and fully customizable. They are a go-to for outdoor activities like a nice hike. They are also a bold fashion statement if you decide to style them with your outfit and wear them indoors. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look hot and fresh like a summer day.


With these 6 unique Christmas gift ideas, you’re sure to make your loved ones and secret Santa feel special this holiday season. Not to mention you’ll also be helping local businesses.

If you enjoyed these items, make sure to also browse through the other selection of products and interesting designs. Oh, and of course, follow their pages.


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