6 Types of Stylish Handbags and Handbag Straps Trending in Lebanon

6 Types of Stylish Handbags and Handbag Straps Trending in Lebanon

It’s hard to overstate how much a handbag can make or break an outfit. It’s likely the first thing people see when you’re out and about, and a great handbag can boost your confidence tenfold. However, it can often be a hassle to find that one handbag that is the cherry on the cake. That’s why we compiled a list of the 6 most trending handbags and their complimentary straps to help you stand out on your next outing.

1.    Shoulder Bag and Braided Red Strap (Classic Collection)

 Shoulder Bag

The shoulder bag is an amazing accessory to have on the go, being both stylish and comfortable to carry. Combine it with the braided Red Handbag Strap (60-80 cm long) from our Classic collection and you’ll be sure to turn some heads with this amazing combination. The braided red patterns with the white beige shoulder bag are a visually appealing combination that will leave you feeling stylish and elegant.

2.    Crossbody Bag and Boho Strap

CrossBody Bag

The crossbody bag meshes well with our Boho handbag straps as it is made for women on the go who want to carry their phones and other essential items in a convenient little bag. The combination is sure to make a bold statement, as our Boho straps (90-120 cm long) are notable for their colorful, complex patterns that complement the simplicity of the crossbody bag.

3.    Bucket Bag and Yarned Strap (Classic Collection)

Bucket Bag

If you’re traveling and you need a bag that is both stylish, functional, and can carry everything you might need, then you can’t go wrong with the bucket bag. The bucket bag is the perfect travel companion as its size and design make it the perfect bag to carry all your essentials alongside some extra clothing items like jackets or scarves if you feel like the weather may change a bit when you’re out.

Combine it with our Yarned handbag strap (4 cm wide x 115 cm long) and you’ll have the most elegant travel companion that you can ever ask for.


4.    Top Handle or Baguette Bag and Royalty Strap

Top Handle  Baguette Bag

The Top Handle and Baguette Bags are a fashion statement for when you’re out with the girls painting the town red. These bags make the perfect carry-ons due to their compact nature which despite their apparently lightweight design can carry a lot of items you might need for when you’re out and about.

Pair it with any of our thin handbag straps like the Royalty strap (2-3cm wide x 70cm long) from our Classic collection and you have the perfect bag for a night out by the sea.

5.    Leather Tote Bag (“Bloom Bag” from our website) and Shoulder Strap

One Leather Tote Bag that we offer at Gael Ghattas, is the Bloom Bag which is recommended with a shoulder strap (60-80 cm in length x up to 5cm wide). Being one of our proudest original bags, the Bloom Bag is made from 100% vegan leather and features beautiful embroidery of blooming plants that reflect our environmentally conscious philosophy to fashion. The great thing about the Bloom Bag is how its neutral yet elegant style and color allow it to be complemented by a wide range of our handbag straps.

6.    The Clutch and Serena/Jasmine Straps

Clutch bag  

The clutch is a perfect bag to complement your dress. As the name suggests, it’s a handbag to keep clutched tightly in your hand and it provides easy access to all your essentials. If you want to quickly retouch your lipstick or blush, check your phone, pop a quick stick of gum, or use some tissues or hand sanitizer.

The clutch is also versatile enough to be combined with any of our handbag straps. However, if you’re looking for a personal recommendation, we would gladly recommend the Serena and Janine straps (115 cm long x 5 cm wide) from our Classic collection.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect travel companion or a glamorous arm accessory to keep your hands free for your nights out, this list is sure to match you with the right handbag and strap combo that will fit your needs perfectly.

On the other hand, if you already own a bag and you’re not looking to upgrade it just yet, there’s no shame in “keeping the bag and changing the strap”.

Oh, and in case your handbag doesn’t support straps, we can always make it strap-friendly by adding rings that the straps can hook onto.

Are you looking to upgrade your existing handbag with a stylish new strap? Feel free to browse through our wide selection of 100% vegan, environmentally friendly, and chic strap catalogue.

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